Yahaya 247 Enterprise is an innovative social enterprise, that runs poverty relief programs in the Kenyasi Ahafo region of Ghana.

The company will establish and run a program that incorporates the processes of General Agribusiness, Cosmetics and personal care manufacturing, Construction, capacity building, and more.

Yahaya 247 Enterprise is driven by a passion to create an enabling environment for the people within our operational area, Minimize criminal activities, teenage pregnancy, illegal immigration in the region and improve the world and solve complex problems in Ghana and the world at large

Yahaya 247 Enterprise is looking for funding to assist in strengthening and call processes of the semi-establish locally-based business. The funding will be used to stimulate the efficient production of stuck to be able to rich the demand for orders at competitive prices. The funding will also provide available resources to employ a full-time marketing person who will be able to stimulate greater demand for the products. The intention is to build an organization that can sustain its sale beyond the funding period.

We proved the following products and services:

Soaps Production

We produce all kinds of personal care soaps.

Herbal Supplements

We also provide Alternative Healthcare Services and sell dietary herbal supplements.

Training Services

We provide practical skills training for youth empowerment.

Creams Production

We produce all kinds of skincare creams.


We’ve invested in agro-processing in Ghana.

Construction Works

We also have a division that provides general construction services.


Our vision is to be the primary driving force of sustainable development within our community, train employees, motivate them and contribute to the relief of poverty and fight crime by creating short-term and long-term employment.


To manufacture quality products and services at a reasonable price and create firm relationships with our clients in the community, of Ghana and the world at large.


Providing you with quality products and services at an affordable price.

Targets of Sustainable Development Goal