Home Care Production

We produce home & personal care products (cosmetics). bathing, skin care, oral hygiene, denture care, Laundry detergents, fabric conditioners, Hard floor and surface cleaners, Glass cleaners, and more. Our aim is to make your skin soften, smooth that has been overexposed to the sun and the environment

Construction Works

 Our construction services are setting a new standard for quality and service in both the commercial and residential sectors. It is considered one of the best building construction companies in Ghana by our clients.

Alternative Healthcare

We are the best Homeopathic and naturopathic healthcare provider in Ahafo. We offer General body testing and treat diseases with Herbal (whole food natural supplements).


We have established an Agribusiness to empower the farmers, creating sustainable wealth by strengthening the Agribusiness Value chain.

Capacity Building

We provide advanced training to those who want to have the practical knowledge and skills to start their entrepreneurial journey. In addition, we provide mentorship, management, and consultancy services.

Ecommerce merchant services

We provide an E-shop to support Small and Mid-size enterprises selling their products and services in Ghana and the world at large.